CBP Business: The World’s Top-Earning YouTube Stars 2015 | Forbes

In our first-ever ranking of the top-paid YouTube stars, we have uncovered the 10 channels that have managed to earn the most from their Internet aspirations. The minimum to make the list? $2.5 million in pretax earnings in the year ending June 1, 2015.The list measures earnings before subtracti

Source: The World’s Top-Earning YouTube Stars 2015 | Forbes

YouTube has so many people creating content it is very hard to gain any ground in this market, but there are some who are doing well… very well. What you will notice that no where in the this top 10 list is there a person delivering information for the empowerment of people. Which leads me to ask this question, “Are people really interested in self improvement or escapism?” What do you think? Anyway, click through and check out the list.