CBP Business: Shows To Support Your Hustle

the-profit-cnbc-tv-showI had a challenge thinking of a cool title, but everyone is using the word hustle in the place of small business or entrepreneur. When I first started my businesses these shows weren’t around. I also didn’t have a mentor. Everything about business was basically guess work for me; trial and error, mostly error. Shark Tank, based on BBCs Dragon Tank show, was the first show to really begin discussing venture capital and showing how people valued their business. Then came along a host of shows that gave everyone a glimpse into what it’s like to start a business. The shows aren’t the equivalent of an MBA program or a great internship or mentorship, but they are informative and can definitely inspire and give you ideas about your own decision to leave it all behind and chase the business dream.

It’s the Fall season which means school is starting back up and there are a list of new shows for you to choose from. This list isn’t about each show individually, it’s just here to remind you that school is back in session and you should check these shows out for your entertainment value. I say entertainment because it’s obvious the shows are scripted, but they are still worth the breaks in between you writing your business plan and reading my books (wink, wink). Here is a list of shows to start:

The Profit: http://www.cnbc.com/the-profit/ Tuesdays 10PM ET/9PM PT – Features Marcus Lemonis who invests in businesses that are struggling, but deserve a shot.

Cleveland Hustles: http://www.cnbc.com/cleveland-hustles/ Wednesdays 10PM ET/9PM PT – Features LeBron James who is taking on the task of helping to reinvent Cleveland’s small business. (Caveat: Yarbarker gives a very good analysis of the first episode, but you should make your own decision to watch: http://www.yardbarker.com/nba/articles/hard_not_to_be_cynical_about_lebron_james_cleveland_hustles/s1_13132_21641317)

Adventure Capitalists: http://www.cnbc.com/adventure-capitalists/ Mondays 10PM ET/9PM PT – Features a trio of investors who are looking to invest in adventure sport based businesses.

These are three shows that are just starting up so you can catch an episode on the website, or schedule on your DVR. When you’re like me and it’s hard to find help you need all of the business education you can get.

Here is a short clip of Maverick Carter, LeBron’s co-producer and business partner discussing Cleveland Hustles.