CBP Business: My black year: Maggie Anderson at TEDxGrandRapids – YouTube

This video came to my attention through a Facebook group founder named Mae Calloway. I recall this experiment and thought at the time that there wasn’t any way to survive one year buying only Black owned products and from Black owned businesses. Maggie Anderson did this and what she discovered is eye opening and can be read in her book: Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy

This is a profound 18 minute speech explaining how and why Black businesses falter and fail. Just as an explanation of what she is discussing I will divulge this information. This week November 30th to December 5th on my ARCH Online Shop these are my sales:

Ordered product sales Units
7 Days $7,023.44 44

While this looks like a solid week I have to explain that I am one of the Black businesses she’s discussing in the video below. I own ARCH a small footwear company. In these 7 days I did not sell a single pair of the shoes that I created. All of my sales are from either Adidas or Nike brand products. I only made 120 pair of shoes and in 6 months I’ve only sold about 25 pair total if that many. This month I will sell over 200 pair of shoes and if the numbers remain true I will probably sell one pair of my own shoes. What is most disheartening is that I keep plugging away at the footwear business, but it is reaching a point where I will end up like many of the businesses she encountered in her one year. I will still make big corporations more money, but I will never be able to establish my own brand and have it be financially successful. This is the reality of being a Black business… the sad reality.