CBP Business: Men’s fashion magazines are crumbling because you never read them

“The media landscape has shifted so much towards Instagram that you don’t necessary need words.”

Source: Men’s fashion magazines are crumbling because you never read them

I ran across this yesterday and dropped something on Facebook and then realized that I should definitely add it to my site here where I discuss to no end how our browsing habits are killing our own opportunities. Read this article and then return here to read the following statement I shared with people yesterday:

This is what happens when people build up social platforms as opposed to posting and sharing through their own sites. You have to continue to build your platform, not promoting only through social sites.

Conversion is the most difficult aspect of being small. Just because you have 5000 followers on a non monetized platform that doesn’t mean they will follow you to where you can earn. It’s a double edged sword.

I can write and write and write about it, but because I’m not famous no one hears what I’m saying. I just dedicated an entire chapter to it my new book, (F–k Speeches & Inspiration) but it will probably not get read. Unless you’re famous, building your platform using social media kills off any chance of you monetizing your own platform.

The only way social works is if, and this is a big if, you have an influencer, someone with money, or a celebrity, share your work consistently. Most people will never have that, but we advertise and share all of our information on social never building our own sites up with content. When the time comes people are not interested in spending time on your site. If I say it once, I will keep saying it, build your site, share through your site TO social media and for God’s sake start browsing and visiting websites just as much as you visit Social media sources!