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Source: Memorable Essay: University Admissions Consulting & Writing Coaching

As a former educator, I’m still an educator I’m just not in the classroom everyday, when I see awesome opportunities, mixed with small business savvy, I make sure I share the information.

When I was teaching, one of the most difficult things for my students who were preparing for college was the essay needed for admissions. While I taught English, we didn’t work on the college reflective essay examples in my course. The school had set up a completely different workshop for college entrance and the way I taught was completely different from the teacher who was shaping the essays with the students. In order to decrease the confusion I extended my help only in certain situations because it limited the frustration and confusion on campus. The students didn’t need the added stress of me saying that something was wrong. When I was a college professor, students writing graduate entrance essays would drop by office hours and ask for assistance. Still today, I get e-mails from people asking for letters of recommendation or help with a resume. I’ve been writing informally for a few years now and I turn a lot of people down because my writing isn’t as sharp as it once was. I say all of this to state that I saw Memorable Essays shared by a peer on Facebook and immediately knew I had to add it on the site.

Shawna-Kaye Lester has launched a fantastic website in Memorable Essay. The site offers one to one assistance, a developed curriculum on other workshops to enhance a person’s writing skills. It isn’t just for students. Anyone looking to improve their writing can benefit.

I know for a fact that my writing has enabled me to maintain my small business and it has opened doors when I didn’t have the network or connection to get me the assistance I needed. Please share this post and the Source link above with any student, manager, job seeker or blogger that you know who wants to improve their chances at landing that job or admission they’ve been dreaming about.