CBP Business: Jaron Lanier: Why Facebook Isn’t Free – Stop Giving It Away

I often have dialogues with Troy Johnson about how social media has diminished the opportunities for small business people. We usually address the book industry because his site www.aalbc.com caters to literature. Here on CBP I write about this topic often in regard to Music and Mixtapes. I wrote an article on this site explaining why you have to stop that ish.

This video is about Facebook and why your use of Facebook and Facebook’s prominence hurts the process of capitalism. Watch it and I want you to consider your own decisions in giving away your time, advice, music, art, or whatever it is that you are doing.

I’m not saying you can’t help people out, or have a point in giving things away… I’m saying consistently giving things away for free with the intent to eventually charge or monetize can create a very serious problem for you and your business.

I have said this a thousand times on this site and on ARCH, you should be using your website to share your information out to social media. Not the other way around. If your website is a static, never updated platform, to be frank, you’re a fuck up. (Kanye Shoulder Shrug)