25 Keys: Points to Stay Motivated in Small Business-Intro

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I have been working on a book for 4 years and I recently finished the book. I was in the process of sending it to the printer and I had to stop because things changed in my business again. In other words, my small business is constantly changing and I…

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25 Key Points: Key Point 1

(Note: I recently installed a plugin named Old Posts Highlighter for this blog. What the plugin does is to recycle articles based on a schedule I set. I set it to pull blogs older than 2 years. This post/series was originally posted on 8/31/2011. Since the plugin works randomly, it…

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Stages: A Handbook on Men and Relationships – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 This is where everything gets odd. In a handbook that details the circumstances, or patterns, that a man might go through in reaching the “promised land” of a “perfect” relationship, that handbook should remain somewhat reliable. I had the best damn date a man could have without having…

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