Business: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your “Likes”

The last 35 hours on CBP

The last 35 hours on CBP 10-24 to 10-26

How exactly does an article about likes on Facebook and “why you shouldn’t worry about your likes on Facebook when you post something” work? The article will be based on the rebranding that I’ve been working on for CBP. In August I started to think about how to move forward with CB Publishing.

I’ve been under contract with a small agency for the last two years. I signed with this agency because I thought they would help to give me some recognition as a writer. I have been working on ARCH for a while now, but my books and CB Publishing… I wasn’t really spending any time on, so I signed and thought that my agent/advocate would begin to generate interest since that’s what agents do. Well that contract ends on October 31st. In two years I’ve done one internet radio show. No television appearances, no in store appearances, nothing. I had hired a publicist prior to this and on a 900.00 dollar contract for 3 months to begin garnering some interest in CB Publishing and my books. After two months where nothing really happened, I pulled the plug on that before completing the contract. This was prior to the agent.

Basically, I wanted to work on my books and the site, but because ARCH was my bread and butter, I simply didn’t feel motivated enough to spend any time on Christopher D. Burns, MFA. Like I said, in August I began writing out a plan. I was looking through my old papers and contracts and noticed that my contract with this agent was expiring in October and I thought, hey why not take my own advice from One Hour To Wealth: Your Great Idea is Valuable…Get Up and Write It Down!I knew that if I took one hour everyday and developed my passion I could begin to see progress in regard to that dream.

In September I made a call for writers. I only accepted one writer: Byron Braxton. Byron has written some fantastic blog posts and has been a major part of the rebranding of CB Publishing. This is how I began the rebranding, which will lead to why you shouldn’t worry about Facebook likes especially when you are just starting. I changed the CB Publishing logo and name to CBP. Designed a very simple black box with white letters. I know from ARCH that a short and simple logo helps to create brand awareness more than a long name and tagline. I changed the tagline to the more concise: Art, Books, Film, Restaurants and Social Info. I cleared off my links and removed websites that hadn’t reciprocated with a link to my site on their sites. I removed writers who no longer posted or interacted with CBP. I also used my Amazon Affiliate account to add banners to monetize. All of that doesn’t get to the core of why I’m writing about Facebook likes. The most important thing I did was to add Byron as a writer and split the workload between us of posting at least one new article per week. I knew content was king and that if we created enough new articles and shared them in the appropriate places the site would begin to get readers.

I always placed a lot of value in Facebook likes. I thought that if I could get likes on Facebook that this signified growth for the website and the CBP brand which would get more people to be aware of my books. What I’ve discovered over the last month of rebranding is a completely different scenario. While CBP is not a big time website this new launch is definitely worth your time in generating ideas and understanding about your own blogs.

In August here were my stats for CB Publishing. This is prior to rebranding and very close to what the traffic had been for years on CB Publishing. Actually I am going to give you the stats for the past year and then for August:

Jan 1, 2014 to August 30, 2014 – Pre Re-branding

Page Views Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
Total 3,761 2,376 2,185 191

August 1 to August 30 – Planning Phase before re-branding

Page Views Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
Total 291 207 184 23

Okay it’s important to note how few visits CB Publishing got throughout this year. I’m getting to Facebook likes in a moment. In August, I was actually posting blogs but I wasn’t sharing in the appropriate locations. I also hadn’t taken the time to create the full strategy according to OHTW. Now check out the relaunch month of September up to October 26th today.

September 1st to September 30th – Launch of the Re-branded CBP

Page Views Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
Total 1,276 790 731 59

October 1st to October 26th – Continued implementation of OHTW rebranding

Page Views Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
Total 1,269 1,028 971 57

Combined total from the relaunch September 1st to October 26th

Page Views Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
Total 2,545 1,818 1,702 116

I know these are not Oprah/Big name website numbers, but look at what daily dedication and consistency can do!!!!! This is what is most important, I and I’m sure others, often look at how many likes a bigger named person is getting on Facebook and we get depressed and worried that what we are doing isn’t working. Using Facebook as a measuring stick instead of your own metrics is a huge mistake. I can tell you without a doubt that the most visited page in the last two months on CBP was an article I wrote as a Memphis Hi-Lite on Oshi Burger Bar in Memphis. I posted that to my Facebook page and between my author’s page on Facebook and my personal page on Facebook it was liked 0 times and had a reach of 13 people!

Had I simply based the success of the article on Facebook metrics, I would have given up on writing stuff like that right? Probably not, but I would have thought that my site was not very good and the rebranding had failed. However the article page on CBP has been liked 61 times. Byron has an article that was liked over 80 times but had fewer page views than the Oshi article, just for the record.

My point in writing this post is primarily for inspirational reasons. Do not let how many likes you receive on a post on Facebook dictate the success of your brand. When you are in the process of creating content make sure you share it with the people you are writing about, tweet it, share it on Google+ and on Facebook and make sure you have your web analytics/stats in order so that you can track the growth and progression of your venture.

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