Business: The 30 Day Project – Social Media Experiment Update 1

30fronttitleThis is the first update but it should be the fourth or fifth. On April 30th I began a mission to limit myself to 30 minutes of Social Media a day. I didn’t really lay out the ground rules of how to do this, but pretty quickly I realized that I needed to keep my journal handy more than I had in the last year. I eventually came up with the rules for this experiment.

1. I can visit Social Media and check tags or messages. If those tags and messages looked as if they would become involved in one of those really long Facebook back and forth exchanges I couldn’t respond. Why? Because that would have taken away the valuable minutes I had to respond to messages. 

2. I could share posts from my blogs and twitter, but I couldn’t respond to anyone who posted on those shared items. This was critical because it allowed me to establish a baseline for how a blog post gained traffic or lost traffic based on how you interacted with people after posting on social media.

3. I removed all links and bookmarks to Social Media sites. I have a really interesting story to share about this one.

4. Anytime I felt the urge to go to social media sites, I had to write something that would improve my business or I had to generate a great idea. This forced me to implement information I wrote in 1 Hour To Wealth.

These rules seem pretty basic, but what has happened over the last three weeks entering into this final week has been incredible. At the same time I began my 30 Day, my wife started her own workout based 30 Day and she is excited about the results. I have a ton of information to share with you in the next week, but I have to complete the challenge. I hope you will read this and ask questions now. I’d love to get into the things I discovered sooner instead of later, but I’m limited to this short post since I have to compile the data and then formulate how to present it. It’s really good info for such a short sample time. That’s it for update 1. I know this is more of an introduction, but I should have done this on day one. Better late than never right?Talk to you soon.

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