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A quick word, I’ve been a small business person for over 10 years. That’s the quick word. Why is this important? Because everyday I wake up and realize I will never know enough to get ahead of the curve. My constant research and attempts at better understanding how to develop a plan of action often lead to the discovery of something else that has to be researched to implement. It’s never ending. Hence the title of this blog post, “I’m New To This” is something that I expect I will have to say over and over again until I decide to stop being a small business person/entrepreneur. This week while working on my 1 Hour To Wealth project for CBP, I tried a new tactic. While it’s too soon to see if it really makes a big difference, it didn’t really hurt me. What did I do this week? I aggregated my Facebook Social Media and sliced a number of alternative platforms.

There is a reason for this and I’ve been discussing this with Troy Johnson founder of on his message board. I’m going to share these posts to simplify this article:

I guess we are still at the same interaction after reading this (article on Talib Kweli becoming an independent artist), how do we get people to our sites? I have some new stats for you to analyze. Yesterday, I ended up interviewing Chris Cooper and Melinda Emerson on Paul C. Brunson’s Mentor Monday Spreecast. I saw a significant increase in traffic on my website from this. I had an increase in my twitter followers and my site which usually has about 64% Direct traffic and 12% Social media fed traffic increased today to 22% Social Media with the majority of traffic from Twitter out of Social media. I also had an increase in Referring websites to 18% from around 15-16%. The interesting thing is Facebook’s influence remained the same at about 1.27% before and after.

What is interesting is that all of this new traffic has not created any books sold, but it may in the future. However the people pretty much arrived on the page and exited through the same page. They didn’t stay and browse the site or read any other articles/blog posts. It’s not only that people aren’t buying music or books, they simply aren’t browsing the web either. We both have a lot of work to do.

Now the reason I wrote the above information is because I’ve been really spending a lot of time with the data on a daily basis. This has helped me to see where people are coming from when they visit my site. After analyzing the stats I realized that very little of the traffic to ARCH or CBP was generated by my Facebook Fan pages. ARCH had over 1000 followers. CBP had over 400, yet my interaction was non-existent and as I stated above my traffic from Facebook was at 1.27%. This is what I did next:

Okay, I’ve been working on using my own book to implement a path to selling more books and building my brand. The book is <a href=”…PEXFMTB65BAG7KW“>One Hour To Wealth: Your Great Idea is Valuable…Get Up and Write It Down!</a>

In this book I talk about the path I took in moving away from bankruptcy and developing my shoe company. I also talk about everything we discuss. Every day, I spend 1 Hour building my CBP business. Why I’m bringing this up is because I’ve been analyzing my data and trying to best figure out how to aggregate the data. Since I realized that having three different Facebook pages only contributed 1.27% to my traffic for CBP and 2.14% for ARCH and 2.17% for ARCH Online Shop, I deleted my two “Fan” pages where there wasn’t much interaction taking place. I hid my family on my primary Facebook page and now I only have the one Facebook page which no longer fractures my search in regard to Facebook.

I think I am going to take the time to order copies of my book and offer them signed through my website as opposed to only linking to Amazon since they aren’t selling anyway. I will then begin to build affiliate links for my books. It may take a moment for me to figure this one out since it is tech intensive, but once again we are moving in a direction that is critical for the survival of independent artists and websites. What do you think?

Okay, in this next section of the discussion I explain that I deleted my Facebook Fan pages. Why would I do this? I took a couple of years building ARCH and I spent money on Facebook Ads for both CBP and ARCH over the years. It would seem illogical to delete both pages. What I figured out is that having three locations for ARCH, CBP and Chris Burns was fracturing my reach and limiting the amount of interaction I could potentially have using Facebook. Now, what should be stated is that I’ve only been using Twitter for a limited amount of time, but my Social Media fed traffic primarily comes from Twitter. I had a Tumblr page, 2 Facebook Fan pages, and a Medium page. I got rid of all of those pages. Here is the conversation that followed:

I killed off my Tumblr and Facebook fan pages and it has freed up a ton of time in my day! 

I think I will drop my stats in here for you to analyze. Yesterday I told you that the majority of my traffic has always been direct. After “aggregating” my pages on Facebook and removing the random locations on social media that I had (Tumblr and Fancy) and only having Twitter and Facebook my Facebook Social Media engagement increased to – 8%. I feel an article coming on. Before  it didn’t matter what I did, my Facebook engagement was about 1.27%. I realize that this is only one day, but if you aren’t a star, which we already know, Facebook engagement is pretty pitiful on “Fan” pages. It behooves a person like me who is looking at developing my writing career to get rid of my fan page, until my personal page has 5000 visitors and I’m forced to begin a fan page because then the interaction would be better.

What I did find interesting is that through statcounter I can’t see what keywords are triggering visits and I’m getting 20% of my visits from Search Engines right now. This article explains why Google took away the ability to monitor keywords:…ore-secure.html

Our dialogue will probably continue and you can follow that here, but what I want you to take away from here is that you will always be “New To This” if you plan on building a brand or working on a business. I maybe making a lot of mistakes, but from these mistakes I garner information that may help you make a more informed decision. Will getting rid of your Facebook Fan pages and other social media help you? I can’t say for sure, but there is something to the idea that having a more direct location to be found improves the ability for people to find you. It is also to take away from this that you need to make sure you have a means of tracking your traffic. If this helped you or you think it’s worth sharing, please like this post and share it with people you know. If you want to know how my sites are doing ask me a question below or leave a comment and let’s rap.

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