Business: How I Successfully Overfunded My Kickstarter Goal by $28,000 | Maker’s Row Blog

We launched the OpenFrame Kickstarter campaign almost  two years ago and received an overwhelming response. We crushed our $40,000 funding goal and by the end of the campaign we raised over $68,000. We were pumped. The months of work all seemed worth…

Source: How I Successfully Overfunded My Kickstarter Goal by $28,000 | Maker’s Row Blog

I absolutely had to share this information from Maker’s Row. I’m not asked very often about how my Kickstarter worked out. Then again I do a very poor job of self promotion. While I didn’t encounter any problems when I ran my Kickstarter and I had one of the fastest shipped shoes/product that ever funded on Kickstarter, I can see how these guys encountered all of these issues. Hell, even a guy that I was in business with prior to ARCH ended up with one of the worst Kickstarter experiences for his backers. (I won’t put that info here since that’s not cool to talk about people, but man the comments his backers made were brutal and I honestly don’t think that his company can recover.)

I say this to tell any of you who are considering running a Kickstarter for an item that will require manufacturing, reach out to other companies who successfully funded. Also spend your time with this article and visit ARCH and type in Kickstarter to read all of the updates and information I posted about my project.  Congratulations to the guys at Open Frame. We can all learn from your experience!