Business: Don’t be that guy…

Don't be a statdummy

Don’t be a statdummy

Analyzing your stats is critical when attempting to discover customer acquisition. This is obvious right? Well dummy move of the year. I use WP to operate all of my sites. I could use Google Analytics and WP Stats, but outside of using Google Webmaster to make sure my site was indexed on Google, I have chosen to use Statcounter as my program of choice in analyzing my stats. Let me go back a bit first. This week I have been running a Facebook Ad campaign on my Christopher D. Burns, MFA page. My reason for running this campaign is for a big push in getting people to try my books; specifically One Hour To Wealth: Your Great Idea is Valuable…Get Up and Write It Down!

Since I’m asking readers to pick up the book, I need to follow my own advice to give everyone a case study of how actually utilizing the 1 hour per day format on your passion project helps. So this week I began the week by giving Steve Dixie of Virginia a 1 hour Skype video call to assist him in setting up his website. This is longer than my planned 30 minute Skype calls I will be giving to those who follow me on Facebook (every 100 likes). I spent another hour this week setting up Mail Chimp for a newsletter. This is something I should have done a long time ago, but I honestly didn’t take the time to do so because ARCH is my bread and butter and most of my time is dedicated to ARCH and I really have never promoted time to CBP. This takes me away from my point of this article, Don’t be that guy…

What guy/gal? Don’t be that person who spends a lot of time on your project without having a means of analyzing the stats in regard to your brand/business. While I’ve been making my living from ARCH, and not from CBP, interestingly enough I have CBP set up to analyze the traffic to the site. My big moneymaker though ARCH I haven’t had the Stats set up on the site at all. What does this mean? For five damn years I’ve been running ARCH, writing all of these articles on the brand and I haven’t checked the stats on the site to see who is going to the site on a daily basis. I haven’t checked where they are coming from… well don’t let me lie. I had Statcounter set up, but it was combined with other sites, older sites from when I ran Center Court Basketball. A business I stopped running two years ago, really five years ago. I’ve been getting faulty stats for all of these years.

This morning as a part of my One Hour To Wealth exercise I was analyzing CBP’s stats (note the picture above). Now I’ve been doing this since I’ve begun to work on CBP in the past month. All of this time I’ve been looking at a stat that read Center Court Basketball. All of these years!!!!! Last week I finally went in to the project manager and changed the name from Center Court Basketball/Store to ARCH and ARCH Store. I added the websites to the project and thought all was good. This week I’ve looked at it more closely and realized that although I added 5 new shoes to inventory on the online store, it showed ZERO traffic! I finally realized I hadn’t added the API information to neither of my sites. I took the time today to add this information and now the site is picking up visitors.

What is my point? Don’t be me. I was going to insert a V-8 commercial, or another Direct TV commercial, but I think if you’ve read this whole discussion then you get how bad this is for my business. Now, I’m going to ask you to do something which is kind of absurd… I wrote One Hour To Wealth: Your Great Idea is Valuable…Get Up and Write It Down! to share my journey. using my own book, I may have fixed a problem I’ve been trying to overcome in a successful business for five years. I honestly think you could prevent a lot of your problems beforehand by using me as your guide for how to be aware of all aspects of your venture.

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