Business: Being ready when your number is called

Mentor Monday #27 Jan. 5th, 2015 with Paul C. Brunson

Mentor Monday #27 Jan. 5th, 2015 with Paul C. Brunson

I played college basketball and then I coached high school basketball for almost 7 years as an assistant and as a head coach. I was a college basketball recruiter and I ran a basketball website for years. I also worked in academia at every level and before that I was a trouble shooter in the US Navy working on F-14 Tomcats as an AE (Aviation Electrician’s Mate). I now operate one of the highest rated online stores on Amazon and I work on my One Hour To Wealth project here on CBP by writing about the things that I love to do. There is one common factor in every field that I’ve been in and that is you aren’t always going to be out in front, but when your number is called you are only given a split second to react and make a positive impact.

Last night was one of those times where I could have settled in, turned on the Grizzlies vs Knicks to watch my Knicks get smacked by my hometown Grizzlies. I mean, it had been a long day and instead of cooking I ordered pizza for the fam and we were chilling on the couch. Then my mental timer clicked and I realized that Mentor Monday was starting. Mentor Monday is produced by Ella Rucker(@ellalaverne) and features Paul C Brunson(@paulcbrunson). The show is a basically a free college course on entrepreneurship. That’s the way I see it. It’s like auditing a class. You don’t get college credit, but you get to soak in the wealth of info that is dropped by the hosts and guests.

Last night featured some heavy hitters. Three of them… well two, technical difficulties caused the spreecast to lose Rakia Reynolds (@RakiaReynolds) of Skai Blue Media, early in the show. Which sucked because I’m watching House of Lies and shows like that always pique my interest about consultants. It’s kind of like me comparing Paul and Ella to entrepreneurial gladiators. In true fashion Paul adjusted and Ella’s production carried the show forward with the other two guests: Melinda Emerson (@SmallBizLady) Small Biz Lady, and Chris Cooper (@CJCoop) Chris Cooper Live. Melinda and Chris discussed with Paul, goals or what they didn’t like about goals. What does this have to do with my reference to being ready when your number is called?

During the show Paul’s feed cut out and Melinda and Chris, without missing a beat, took over and began interviewing each other. They shared short snippets about how we could all learn to focus and as Melinda said, “Get a roadmap” to being better business people. When their number was called they answered and the show didn’t skip a beat. They are straight up pros! I, on the other hand, am a newbie. Put me in a classroom without a book and I can lecture for 3 hours. Put me in a coach’s seat and after one time out, I can make adjustments, but being on camera is not my strong suit primarily because I’m self conscious. Paul and Ella helped me to overcome this by inviting me to be on Mentor Monday #21. Last night, they gave me a baptism by fire. Paul and Ella asked me to chip in and finish hosting the show. I had less than 10 seconds to say yes.

Now imagine had I sat in front of the tv to watch the beatdown of the Knicks. Imagine had I said, when the show started having technical issues, that I could catch up on some Facebook messages (non-important Facebook messages). Imagine had I froze and allowed my own insecurities to tell Ella and Paul, “No.” Think about how I would have let the team down. The people I have chosen as my virtual mentors, the community that I’ve become invested in, the path that I’ve decided to pursue would have ended. See, it’s the small moments and decisions that dictate the way your path turns. Everyone loves to think that it was the moment someone told you no that stops you. That’s not what stops or prevents you from moving forward. It’s the short interval when you blink your eyes, and everything kind of slows down in that second and doubt and fear pops into your head and you tell yourself, “I can’t do this.” That split second is what changes everything. Just like on the basketball court, the ball hits the front of the iron and if you’ve been practicing and you are conditioned, you automatically find your man and box him out. The person who isn’t ready runs to where the ball looks like it is going. I could have sat on the couch, but I took the time to tune in to class and I’m a better person for it.

Big shout out to Paul and Ella for trusting me. A special thank you to Melinda and Chris for allowing me to be nervous and working with me. It was only about 12 minutes, but in my day to day routine of running ARCH and writing on CBP, it was one of the coolest business moments I’ve ever had. Peep the show below. Make sure you watch until the end for the introduction of #WeStartUp. (FYI: I come on at 38:35 of the show 🙂

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