Author: LV Burns, MSW

969814_4207284518895_2005403011_nLV received her BA in Psychology in 1998 and her Masters in Social Work in 2001 from San Diego State University.  As a full-time stay-at-home mom, LV began running CB Publishing in July 2005, but eventually transitioned to operating one of the original natural hair websites on the net LV designed websites and kept her creative juices flowing through her comic strip about transitioning into natural hair, Val & Nadine (which is now collected and bound in book form and available for purchase below). 

LV now homeschools her two children while also maintaining one of the most popular writing blogs in the Sims community. Her story “I Stole Evil” is one of the most read narratives online and has the potential to become a film and is being considered as a novel.

L.V. Burns’ Websites:

 Stories by D2M – LV’s home for her short stories with a unique graphic twist.

Naturalness – One of the most informative websites about natural hair on the web with articles, pictures that support health and well being.

frontcoverVal & Nadine is one of the best books available on what it means to be a Black woman who decides to wear her hair natural.  You can purchase a copy of the book on the Lulu Platform, or below you can request an autographed copy.