Author: Connie Divers Bradley

i100085611._szw480h1280_Connie Divers Bradley began her writing career when, for 3 years as a contributing columnist for one of Chicago’s daily newspapers, her provocative commentaries on racism made her a popular target of controversy. Later, after retiring from the Post Office, Connie returned to her first love and has since authored 3 well-received books. She now contributes to AALBC’s discussion forum, named in her honor, and has penned an op ed here on CBP.

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Currently, this street-wise scribe spends her time contemplating life and seeking wisdom through meditation. Reading, writing, watching TV, and playing cards also keep her busy along with heading up an on-line discussion forum known as “Cynique’s Corner” located at

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“THE ONLY ONE”, an urban tale of romance, is now available on line! This exciting new release is a novel about an interracial love triangle that will put the advice of popular relationship guru, Steve Harvey, to shame. This is not your grandfather’s staid book. It’s your grandmother’s hot novel, a delicious slice of black life, serving up conflicted characters with appetites for lust, and cravings for romance, not to mention a taste for violence!

Celeste Evans is smart, attractive and single. She is also burnt out. But when superfine Troy Briggs appears on the scene, her romantic hopes are re-ignited despite his showing a preference for Debbie Marlowe, their blond, blue-eyed co-worker. Not to be outdone, once this plucky “Sistergirl” decides to compete with a perky “Barbie doll” for the sexy gaze of a “color-blind brotha”, things get interesting. Also on the look-out, is a vicious serial killer who has his own way of dealing with the rocky road to love, and Celeste Evans has caught his eye! Full of humor, suspense, and plot twists, “The Only One” is a compelling novel that explores the complicated relationships that define black love.

Thanks for dropping in. I hope purchasing a copy of “The Only One” makes your “to-do” list.

Connie Divers Bradley