Author: Anthony J. Giordano

Anthony J. Giordano

Anthony J. Giordano

Anthony J. Giordano is the loving father of three incredible daughters. A native New Yorker, he was raised in Long Beach and attended Cazenovia College. When he’s not enjoying classic Hip-Hop, he spends his time cheering on the Knicks, Rangers, Giants, Yankees and his adopted Memphis Grizzlies.

Books by Anthony J. Giordano

Ant-Isms: S- – t that’s really common sense (Releasing December 2015)

Ant-isms is a collection of quotes that can be read on a daily basis (preferably in a New York accent) that will remind you that life isn’t that hard. The quotes are inspiring and provide a real opportunity to tell yourself, “WTF was I thinking? Don’t be a moron!” Seriously, Ant-isms gives Anthony’s unique point of view on everything from parenting, to music, to race relations and life in general.

Really? Come On America! (Releasing May 2014)

Really? Come On America! is a collection of photographs taken at an Auto Repair shop in the good ol’ US of A. What started out as a Facebook post, turned into a game of “Guess The Vehicle” where friends of Anthony attempted to decipher the Make/Model of the car on the customer information form. Initially, the responses to Anthony’s posts consisted of, “That’s impossible, no one spelled it that way!” Eventually everyone realized that Anthony wasn’t just writing these cars himself, people really were spelling FORD incorrectly. The comments under each picture were influenced and shaped by the friends who responded and captures the Facebook comments perfectly (minus some of the language). The book is a glance at an American society that no longer reads as much as it used to and spends the majority of time abbreviating and using ‘text’ language to spell. Really, Come On America! is one of the best coffee table books created. Pick up a copy, sit back and share it with a friend

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