Amazon’s Effect on the Black Book Ecosystem | What’s The 411 | Authors and Books


This video was originally Published on Nov 21, 2017 on What’s The 411In this video, Ruth J. Morrison, CEO and Executive Producer, What’s The 411TV; and Troy Johnson, President, and Webmaster,; discuss Amazon’s detrimental effect on the Black book ecosystem and how digital search has and is affecting Black web properties.

I have all of my books on Amazon and left Lightning Source and Lulu to do so. As knowledgeable as I claim to be I just recently made my books available via pdf ebooks here on my own site. I’ve been running CBP for almost 20 years and it took this long for me to set up the store in a way that would allow me to sell directly to the customer. I used affiliate codes to drive traffic to Amazon basically giving up my own opportunity to build an e-mail list and reach my readers directly. It was complete insanity. Check out this video featuring Troy Johnson of AALBC.