A Man’s State of Mind by Christopher D. Burns

frontamMy first novel A Man’s State of Mind I think is the most complex narrative I’ve created. It’s the only book that’s been read a lot and every time I’ve discussed this book with someone, they’ve always told me that they actually cried. That says a lot. This is also the only book that began to find an audience almost 15 years ago, but it slowed down when I became a head basketball coach. I revisited the book later when I became a college professor. I had a lot of extra copies and I went down on Beale Street in downtown Memphis and sold them to people on the street. I had a few responses from people who thought the book was missing a section, so I revised the book and added a section that allowed some closure for the main character. It is a contemporary novel and reads like a lot of books out there, until you realize what is taking place between the characters. Darryl, the main character, sticks with you. I personally think he captures a group of guys I knew perfectly and tells the story of how the mind of a man who is unsure of what he wants can lead him into life altering situations. To purchase an autographed copy of A Man’s State of Mind you can write in the book you’d like to choose and what you want your autograph to say below, or you can click the link below and visit Amazon.com to pick up the book on Kindle or paperback.

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