25 Keys: Points to Stay Motivated in Small Business-Intro

I have been working on a book for 4 years and I recently finished the book. I was in the process of sending it to the printer and I had to stop because things changed in my business again. In other words, my small business is constantly changing and I have to adapt. I finally realized that I can’t sit down and make things so cut and dry. I also can’t sit back and not pass on information that has enabled me to keep moving forward. I have decided to share part of that book here on the blog. If you use any of this, please share my web address and give credit where it is due. I hope these 25 Keys can help you with something you are considering. Enjoy.
25 Keys:

Get Your Janitor On

I have lectured on building businesses and websites at the University of Memphis, Southwest TN. College, the YWCA and the Memphis Housing Authority. In each lecture I discuss the importance of entrepreneurship. I would like to leave you with these key points which are for diving into your own business, but are really for you since you are your own business. While the length of this book does not determine its power and potential, I do hope that you are beginning to think about how to build your own One Hour To Wealth program. Next are my 25 Key Points. A key is used to gain access and these 25 points will allow you to begin creating ideas. There isn’t a thing in the world that I can write that will make you rich. You will have to generate your own idea. Everyone has something they are good at, something they are passionate about, and something that occupies their mind. What I want is for you to actually do something about those dreams instead of letting others, or yourself, kill them. With that said I truly appreciate you reading this short book and I hope it has inspired you to do something. If it has, take a few minutes to visit any of my sites and drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.
Christopher D. Burns, MFA

Introduction: 25 Key Points to Stay Motivated in Business

Key Point 1: Be Creative
Key Point 2: Capitalize on Opportunities
Key Point 3: Stay In Your Lane
Key Point 4: You Need A Business Plan
Key Point 5: Learn To Do Some Things Yourself
Key Point 6: Grassroots Marketing is Vital
Key Point 7: Change Is Inevitable
Key Point 8: Daily Dedication & Consistency
Key Point 9: Do Not Swim Upstream
Key Point 10: Develop A Plan of Action
Key Point 11: Social Media is Grassroots
Key Point 12: Find Out About Resources
Key Point 13: Research Your Chosen Market
Key Point 14: Use A Blog To Launch Your Ideas
Key Point 15: Blogs Are Easy To Use vs WYSIWYG or Dreamweaver
Key Point 16: Blogs Are Easier To Monetize
Key Point 17: Ad Revenue is Real
Key Point 18: Conquer Your Region First
Key Point 19: You Have Great Ideas
Key Point 20: Stay Away From Dream Killers
Key Point 21: Remember The Blog is a great way to launch an idea
Key Point 22: The Perfect Time Is Now
Key Point 23: Get Up and Write it Down

Key Point 24 & 25: Your Great Idea Is Valuable!