25 Key Points: Key Points 24 & 25 – Your Great Idea Is Valuable/My Final Thoughts

Key Point 24: Your Great Idea is Valuable – Have you ever been in a group and suggestions were flying around, but no one considered your suggestion seriously? I have and although the coolest person typically gets to choose for the group, sometimes that person’s decision isn’t the right choice.

Ideas are good and bad. When you are working with a group too many ideas create confusion and can limit productivity. When you are alone and you don’t have anyone to bounce an idea off of, the same thing occurs. What exactly is a good idea though? Who determines that the rubber band, or Velcro or dryer sheets is an idea worth pursuing? At what point does the idea you have become something that is worth bringing to fruition?

I like to think that every idea I have will work for someone, that is why I don’t mind sharing and speaking to people. I figure that someone will be able to use a suggestion I have. A lot of people feel this way. Most people are passionate about what they think will work and that is okay; your great idea is valuable. Who knew that a cloche hat made to cover a woman’s head in the early 20s would still be a fashion statement today? Even more important, who would have thought to make a cloche hat with a silk lining for African-American women who wear their hair naturally? Wait a minute, that’s not actually in play, that’s an idea I gave my wife this year. My point is somewhere in a stack of old notes you probably jotted down an idea for a website, a tee shirt, a dust remover, a cell phone application… You probably wrote this down and because you showed it to a dream killer, you decided that it wasn’t valuable.

Any idea is worth analyzing and researching. Once you’ve had time to think about it, your great idea becomes valuable. Your only task after generating the idea is bringing it to life. To do this though, as I said earlier you need someone or some group to stand in front of and get feedback. How do you do this?

Key Point 25: Start Think Tanks – The first step on the road to fruition is having a mentor or someone who can help you discuss the possibilities and pitfalls. College is the perfect time to find enough people to build think tanks. College is one of the few times in your life where everyday a person around you has something interesting to discuss. I often tell my students that if they are in college to get a great job, drop out now. Can some colleges guarantee you a great job? Maybe, if you live in a city where alumni associations and contacts are in positions to employ you then definitely your employment rate is higher. However, simply attending Harvard does not mean that there is a job waiting for you when you walk across the stage.

I tell my students that they are there to learn from each other and share ideas. They are in college to network and become creative thinkers. College is about problem solving: How do I organize my time, how do I have fun, but remain focused? How do I date and complete this ten page research paper? How do I work full time and go to school full time without burning out? How is a table, a table because it has tableness? Okay that last one was to prove my point that college is about analyzing and discovering methods to complete the process of attaining an education.

College is one place where a person can find a group to throw ideas around, but it is not the only place. If you have a friend that you watch the game with, start tossing ideas around during the game. If you have a girl-friend that you go to the beauty salon with, start taking a notepad with you to throw some ideas around. Any place where you can create a group setting that invites creative thinking can become a think tank and think tanks are vital to the promotion of ideas and the cultivation of dreams. If you ever find yourself around someone who doesn’t have any dreams, don’t disrespect them or talk about them, simply, courteously, walk away and stay away. If you can’t find dream builders, work alone and find someone you can pay for advice or research, but in order to be successful you will need to participate in some form of a think tank, big or small.

My Final Thoughts

My final words in regard to One Hour To Wealth are basic, if you don’t know, ask someone and don’t be afraid, or too cheap to pay for advice. Being informed is a small price to pay for removing ignorance. I know better than anyone how to lose money. I now know more than most how to earn money. However, if I had never failed so miserably, I would not be in a position to earn happily (yes I said happily), and I would not understand the amount of time and dedication needed to finally place my family in a better financial position.

Wealth is not the amount of money you earn, it is the well being of your family and your peace of mind, but earning money doing the things that you love is pretty cool too.

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