25 Key Points: Key Point 9 – Do Not Swim Upstream

Key Point 9: Do Not Swim Upstream – This falls in line with capitalizing on opportunities. If a person extends their hand to you, don’t turn it away. They may know information that you need to have an easier path. Swimming upstream is for salmon. I often hear the cliché that struggle is necessary for success. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes you catch a break and that’s okay, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t work hard, you just got lucky and luck is a huge part of the equation. Nothing is guaranteed. You can’t make people buy things from you, or hire you. You can only create and share. The things you gain from the creation will help motivate you, but your motivation should always be in doing a great job.

To avoid swimming upstream, develop these kinds of strategies:

1.                   Find a mentor

2.                   Develop relationships

3.                   Utilize e-mail and create user groups on Facebook to direct your message

4.                   Don’t be afraid to ask questions

5.                   If you know it’s going to be difficult and that it probably won’t work, don’t keep moving forward with it. Leave it alone. Saving face doesn’t mean looking good to the world; it means that you haven’t placed your family in a difficult situation or yourself in a place where you give up on entrepreneurship.

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