25 Key Points: Key Point 8 – Daily Dedication & Consistency

Key Point 8: Daily Dedication & Consistency – I no longer work a salaried job. I took the plunge, but I know very well that most people will not take a step like I did and give up a great salary for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. I don’t recommend doing that either unless you truly have a hustler’s mentality. I have made the decision to earn enough money from the projects on my vision board, therefore my mind is moving in that direction and with the positive energy I have created, things are actually working very well. However, entrepreneurship is not a job with set hours.

Honestly, it is easier to work full time and become an entrepreneur, than it is to only work on your projects. Most people would say that working full time does not lend itself to developing a One Hour To Wealth plan. I say bull. When you have a job, your work hours are defined. You already know the schedule that you need to work around. For instance, if you start an online business you can make it clear on your listings that you only ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or you can list that all bids will end on Saturdays and items will be shipped every Monday. Having a job gives you definite time allotments. Having a job also ensures that you don’t have to consistently check up on your business progress every few hours. You have the security of a paycheck so you can definitely allow the company to grow in a more natural manner. There are those people who are reading this and saying, “I work twelve hours per day, I don’t have the energy to start a business.” I say, you’re right. Put this book down right now, or give it to someone who likes the idea of earning extra income, because you are already defeated.

Allow me to give you my schedule when I launched my CCB Sports Network website from 2005 to 2008. I was a full time college professor and I also taught two adjunct courses at another university. After I finished my courses, I had an e-mail list that I had to send out to my list of college coaches subscribing to the site. I did this weekly. I also covered Southwest TN College basketball and Northwest Mississippi basketball. Which means on Tuesday night I would drive an hour to Senatobia to catch Northwest’s games. I would return home, dump the video, edit it and write the article for the game. On Saturday’s I would do the same thing for Southwest Tennessee. On Friday nights I would cover basketball games for high schools in Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas. I would shoot video, and write the article for those games as well. Initially we only had our son, so my wife and I were able to work around the schedule and still have time for trips to the zoo and children’s museum. In 2007 our daughter was born. I continued doing what I was doing and I was also hosting camps. This meant that as a family we added another adorable person to family time and I increased my amount of travelling because the camp went from a Memphis based camp to a regional camp. I drove from Memphis to Louisiana, took video from players as far away as Baltimore, Texas and Kentucky and then invited those players to camps, where I sat and recorded, after organizing the events, basketball games for three days straight. I would then edit the video and create individual webpages for each participant. After that I would continue sending e-mails to coaches and then stay in contact with the players by e-mail and cover their games during the high school and college seasons. I did all of this while running the shoe division of a company that outfitted the IBL, placed uniforms on 9 different college teams. I also worked with Bobbito Garcia on getting coverage on Madison Square Garden TV and outfitting the Puerto Rican Legends basketball team. I was also still operating www.cbpublish.com and had signed a writer named Tobbie Ingraham, a retired colonel who had written a book titled The History of the Black Soldier.

Why am I writing all of this? Because when you say you’re busy, that is just another way of saying, I don’t believe in myself and I’m afraid.

Launching a business is fun. All of the work I did didn’t seem like work at all. I love hoops and sneakers, just as much as I love books and education. These are my passions. My ultimate passion is my family and I have never failed to give them my time as well. Now that I’ve “slowed” down, I still wake up at 6:30 each morning, look at my notes of the games the night before and I updated my NBA blog. I wrote the “Daily” 7 days a week. I update www.cbpublish.com at least twice a week. I work on a novel or non-fiction for at least an hour per day. I get in the bed at midnight and wake up at dawn. I run at least a mile everyday, I design shoes and I shop for shoes, I update the websites, and I handle my consulting jobs with the same passion that I spend time with my son, daughter and my wife. I realize that I have to have daily dedication and consistency. Is it easy… yes. Why? It’s my passion.

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