25 Key Points: Key Point 5 – Learn To Do Some Things Yourself

Key Point 5: Learn To Do Some Things Yourself – Let’s say you have decided to start your own photography service. You have gone to school as an art major and you learned to shoot videos and film as an elective. You really enjoy photography and it has become a passion. Photography is one of the fastest changing forms of media around. Every week a new product arrives that can take a picture and make the picture better, brighter, and clearer. The knowledge that you learned a month ago can be obsolete within two months after learning that material.

Entrepreneurs are in the unique position to be their own bosses. This is good and bad. It’s good because you can make the decisions and deal with the consequences. It’s bad because sometimes you don’t know the answer. The cool thing about not knowing is that it provides a learning opportunity. You can pay someone to do a particular job for you, or you can pay for a program like Apple’s One to One program at a local Apple Retail Store.

If you are a photographer, what better way to learn a new program than to sign up for a consultation and learn to do it yourself? The difference between a real entrepreneur and a poser is that a poser will tell you that they don’t have time to learn to do it themselves. A real entrepreneur realizes that they have to wear many hats and that the best way to get something done, until you are really in a position to hire help, is to do it yourself. I have saved myself easily 10,000 dollars because I taught myself to run my websites. What business person wouldn’t want those savings?

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