25 Key Points: Key Point 23 – Get Up and Write It Down

Key Point 23: Get Up and Write It Down – How many times have you awakened with a great idea only to roll over and tell yourself, “I’ll write it down later.” Most people are religious and will tell you that they pray everyday. What I have come to realize is that these same people, if they are asked “Has God ever spoken to you?” They will say no. They will immediately follow that up with, “But I still believe in God and what he can do for me.” I often tell people that they are lying and that they aren’t religious at all. They are hypocrites who only say that because they are hoping for favor. It’s pretty much the reason why many people attend churches or services where the preacher or leader talks about prosperity. Most people think that God will only give them something if they tithe and have faith. The problem is they don’t really believe there is a higher power at work and that they hear from that power all of the time.

No matter how a person worships they are transmitted messages and given great ideas. Most people simply ignore them, or they are not prepared to accept them or not ready to put it on paper to analyze it. What am I saying here? Be creative means take a risk and throw a crazy idea out there and discuss it. More importantly, when you wake up at 2 in the morning with some crazy idea, write it down. Don’t roll over and pull the covers up over your head. Write down that message, because that is what it is, a message. Is it coming from within you or from a higher power? I say both. That inspiration is probably your great idea.

When you are out in your car, use the record button on your phone and record your ideas. When you are sitting at your desk, keep a sheet of paper ready to jot down whatever pops in your head. These are the great ideas that can help you move forward in your process.

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