25 Key Points: Key Point 22 – The Perfect Time Is Now

Key Point 22: The Perfect Time Is Now – Sometimes you get to a section where you feel like everything you are saying should be in bold print. This is that section. There will never be a perfect time to start a business. There will never be a perfect time to go to college. There will never be a perfect time to get married. There will never be a perfect time to take that vacation you’ve been waiting to take. I could make this section long and drawn out with a number of ideas and cool metaphors, but I don’t need to. You understand what I’m saying here. There is not a perfect time to launch an idea and pursue your dreams. The perfect time may be aligned with the coordination of the business plan, organization and by utilizing resources which can enhance the likelihood of success, but even then there will be obstacles to overcome.

If you have been waiting until retirement to start a business, or waiting until the children are old enough, or waiting until you have some free time to launch your business, there will always be something that pops up. That is just the way life is. If you are in college and you are waiting until graduation, what happens when you are in a market like the current economy? Right now college graduates are entering a workforce that is not hiring and has been stagnant since the previous administration. Why wait until after graduation to start a business? The funny thing is, college is the perfect time to begin planning. You have school loans at your disposal and an unlimited supply of ideas in your dorm or apartment complex. You don’t have any children at all, in most cases, and you have the ability to spend all of the breaks working on the items needed to formulate an idea.

If you are a stay at home mom, you have a wealth of advice and ideas to share with other moms. Why not start a blog? If you work 12 hours a day and you are drop dead tired at the end of the day, you watch television and then go to sleep. Instead of watching television, sit for an hour each night and write out the ideas you have for a business that will reduce the stress on your family and then begin shaping those ideas one hour each night. The great thing about this is you can do this in the bed using your cell phone or a small notepad to jot down ideas. If you are in the military and you know you are going to sea for six months (I’m ex Navy…what do you expect) take the time to think about how you can take the information you have and create a consulting service that will allow you to correspond to people through social media. You may have to get approval to post certain info from the CO, but imagine being able to share pictures and information about visits to Hong Kong andAustralia. Talk about getting a ton of hits and going viral. Whatever it is you are doing right now, it is the perfect time to begin working on that plan, there will never be an alignment of the stars that guides you to a perfect situation. Launch now, help another entrepreneur now. Give your time to a small company if you don’t have your own ideas. Some lady in Oregon gave a bit of her time to a small footwear and apparel company by designing little check marks; they paid her 35 bucks for the logo. That Swoosh became the logo of a billion dollar company and she received stock options that made her rich. Her small investment of time paid off, and so can yours. Don’t wait for a perfect time, there isn’t one, but there is definitely an expiration date for ideas.

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