25 Key Points: Key Point 21-Remember The Blog Is a Great Way to Launch an Idea

Key Point 21: Remember The Blog Is A Great Way To Launch Those Ideas – Is this almost the same Key Point as 14? Yep and it has to be. Sometimes I am a very bad business person. I give information to any person I meet. I am supposed to charge for consultations and I need people to pay me, but because I love sharing I will speak to people for as long as they will listen. I was speaking with a guy at my local FedEx store that was making flyers for his lawn service. I asked him if he had a website. This is the way the conversation went.

“No, you don’t need a website in Memphis.”

“I guess you’re right, because everybody here drives around and sticks those signs in the ground to advertise.”

“Yeah, so I’m making these flyers and I can pass these out anywhere. You got somebody who does your yard?”

“I do it myself most of the time, but I have a guy who cuts it when I don’t feel like taking care of it. So you are going to pass your flyer out?”

“Yeah, I’m trying to get more consistent customers.”

“That’s a hard thing to do with so many people out here cutting grass.”

“Yeah, I do a lot of other landscaping, and I’m licensed to do other jobs around your home?”

“Is that on the flyer?”


“Is there a picture?”


“Okay, so you do a lot of different stuff, but I can’t see a picture, and you want me to change my service?”

“Yeah, well,” uncomfortable laughter.

“If everybody else is posting signs and driving around the neighborhood, then don’t you have to do something different to get the clients you want?”

“No not really,” a defensive answer. I decide to give out some of that good free advice. Now if he followed it, I don’t know. He never called me. Maybe you are reading this and you have a lawn service and you do some extra landscaping. Maybe this info is for you.

“You know what, if you had a website, you could have that on the bottom of your flyers. More importantly, on your website you could write notes about how to maintain a nice lawn or how to make your yard unique. Most important, on that website you could have pictures of your client’s front lawns and do a yard of the month feature. This would not only allow you to post your signs, but it would give me an idea of your work. I’d be more likely to call if I could see what a yard cut by you looked like. Other than that, I’m just going to do what has worked for me.”

“That could work, but that’s paying extra money.”

“It takes money to make money and driving around for hours cost gas money. Getting on your computer and uploading pictures is free and owning a website only costs about 100 bucks a year.”

“Every website place you talk to charges more than that.”

“I don’t and I teach you how to run your site. Here is my card, you could really do some good work with a blog that shows your work.”

“I’ll think about that.”

The guy never called, like I said earlier, but as an entrepreneur it’s important to put yourself in a position to earn a person’s business. You also have to understand your market and your area. A person in Memphis starting a lawn service will be one in a thousand. How do you distinguish yourself? How do you use a blog to conquer your region first? If you are a lawn person, and you know everyone uses lawn signs, flyers and drive bys, why not add a website to your company’s marketing. Take pictures of your lawns and jobs. Write blog entries about how to maintain a flowerbed, or create a garden or when to use a certain type of mulch. This is information people want to know and getting it online with pictures creates more opportunities for networking and growth. Conquer your region first by understanding that it’s easier to grow locally than it is to grow nationally, and even when you don’t think it will work use a blog, it can’t hurt.

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