25 Key Points: Key Point 2 – Capitalize On Opportunities

ohtwrevisedfrontKey Point 2: Capitalize on Opportunities – Sometimes people approach you with ideas, but you are so consumed with work that you pretty much blow them off. Someone can be interested in giving you the tools to launch your own business, but these are the general comments made,

“Man, I don’t have time for that.”
“When I get home all I want to do is relax.”
“It’s not that easy.”
“Easier said than done-”
“I have to pay these bills.”
I can list a host of other words used to explain why people fail to take action. The thing is though none of those are as serious as not capitalizing on opportunities. When a person makes any statement of negativity, the mind produces the reaction, so in a sense your reality is what you have made it. There are often workshops or events that promote entrepreneurship. Sitting at home and pretending to be busy is a lot easier than getting up and acting on those opportunities that are presented. Honestly, are you really that busy? Probably not.


Introduction: 25 Key Points to Stay Motivated in Business

Key Point 1: Be Creative
Key Point 2: Capitalize on Opportunities
Key Point 3: Stay In Your Lane
Key Point 4: You Need A Business Plan
Key Point 5: Learn To Do Some Things Yourself
Key Point 6: Grassroots Marketing is Vital
Key Point 7: Change Is Inevitable
Key Point 8: Daily Dedication & Consistency
Key Point 9: Do Not Swim Upstream
Key Point 10: Develop A Plan of Action
Key Point 11: Social Media is Grassroots
Key Point 12: Find Out About Resources
Key Point 13: Research Your Chosen Market
Key Point 14: Use A Blog To Launch Your Ideas
Key Point 15: Blogs Are Easy To Use vs WYSIWYG or Dreamweaver
Key Point 16: Blogs Are Easier To Monetize
Key Point 17: Ad Revenue is Real
Key Point 18: Conquer Your Region First
Key Point 19: You Have Great Ideas
Key Point 20: Stay Away From Dream Killers
Key Point 21: Remember The Blog is a great way to launch an idea
Key Point 22: The Perfect Time Is Now
Key Point 23: Get Up and Write it Down

Key Point 24 & 25: Your Great Idea Is Valuable!

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