25 Key Points: Key Point 18 – Conquer Your Region First

Key Point 18: Conquer Your Region First – In all honesty I am swimming upstream. I know I told you not to do this, but I really, really enjoy writing about the NBA. I’m passionate about it. How has this effected my growth? My blog is slowing growing, but I don’t get many visitors at all. As a matter of fact according to my Adbrite statistics I am getting about 827 views per day for each of my blogs combined. That is not bad, but it’s not great. However, I am using an organic approach to growing my blogs. I have not done any SEO optimization and I have not advertised for my blogs. I have given all of my advertising to my wife’s blog and in the last week May 2011, she used 50 dollars on Facebook to create a marketing campaign for her fan page on Facebook. At the beginning of the week she had approximately 200 fans. Her page now has 1000 fans and her impressions and clicks are now increasing. She is also running a national website.

I state all of this to explain to you that if you want to have fast growth build your website as a regional brand first and then attempt to take it national. Consider that your region in a major metropolitan area has about 700,000 to 1 million people. If you can get a fraction of these people to visit your website you are doing what? You are gaining a following from people who will become invested in your information. People want to know what you know. Every person I have met is knowledgeable about something. This leads me to the next point.

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