25 Key Points: Key Point 17 – Ad Revenue Is Real

OHTW Back Cover

OHTW Back Cover

Key Point 17: Ad Revenue is Real – While selling items or services, or creating mailing lists is critical to the success of a website, I have found that watching your revenue grow due to visits to your website is a daily function that will motivate the webmaster to create more content. In the world of the web content is king. The more information you are willing to place on your website, the more likely you are to gain a following. The more people visiting your website, the more impressions and clicks you can possibly get.

I remember doing a lecture once and I asked the question what is ad revenue? The attendees at the lecture knew what it was. I then asked, “Do you think you can earn money from ads?” I would say that 90% of the people said that they didn’t think it created much money at all. They said it only produced pennies, nothing really substantial. AD REVENUE IS REAL. Will it allow a small blogger to retire? Maybe not, but if you are providing a service to someone, are you that rich that you don’t want to maximize every opportunity to earn money? Even the NBA, Oprah, any website you go to that is a billion dollar industry will have ads on it. Why? Advertising is a billion dollar industry. To sell things companies have to make you aware that it exists. Your website is another outlet to reach potential customers. The problem is most people who have websites are unaware of their potential. I know a few people who have websites that generate over 200 unique visitors per day. These websites were created using DIY templates and hosting services that allowed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic to their sites. The sites were informative, but they didn’t sell anything. Those sites offered services and mailing lists, but failed to have any ad revenue, primarily because the people were not clear on how it worked. At 200 unique visits per day, those visitors probably visited more than one page on the site. They probably visited about 4 pages which means that this person was getting about 800-1000 impressions per day. Consider that if 5% of those people clicked an ad on that page. That would be 40 clicks per day x 30 days in a month. That is 1200 clicks. Let’s say each click was worth 25 cents. That is an extra 300 dollars per month on clicks. 800 impressions per day x 30 days = 24,000 impressions, let’s say an impression is worth 1 cent. That is 240.00 dollars. The people running these websites are missing out on an extra 540 dollars per month for doing something that they are already working on. Consider this, craigslist.com gets about 40,000,000 page views per day. The numbers I have listed about those websites where people are getting 800-1000 impressions/page views per day is a very realistic number for a small website that is actively utilizing social media.

I once had a Facebook person jump into a conversation I was having with another person. The guy went on a very dumb, rant that was irritating, but allowed me the chance to do some research. This guy tried to make me look bad by saying my website doesn’t get as much traffic as his or other websites in the region. This was the problem… three years ago my site was the biggest website in the region because I was covering regional high school basketball. When I decided to change my blog to an NBA blog, I entered a market that was very big, and I am not that important. The NBA has its own bloggers. ESPN has its own blog network and there are thousands of bloggers out there working independently with each team and triple that amount working in the same capacity as I am. Why am I writing this? It falls into my next key point.

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