25 Key Points: Key Point 15 – Blogs Are Easy To Use vs WYSIWYG or Dreamweaver

Key Point 15: Blogs Are Easy To Use vs Wysiwyg or Dreamweaver – Key Point 14 and 15 should really be 14 A and B. When a person signs up for a hosting service and they don’t have any experience in building websites, they will have to reach out and pay someone. A lot of companies make their money by offering their web building services. They also make their money by giving their clients a monthly update fee. This is one way to get your site up and going. The problem with this is that it costs money. What I am about to explain here I touched on earlier… use a blog.

Most hosting services have a dashboard. On that dashboard, are the various services offered to the customer. There are statistics, email functions, ftp folders and of course third party applications for e-commerce and of course blogs.

I know that I said using a blog is easy, but setting up the blog as your homepage can be complicated. Refer back to Chapter 12 and you will see where I discussed the process of making the blog your homepage. You will have to have ftp hosting, not just a do it yourself program. This is not difficult but as I said it will take a learning curve to setup the blog as your homepage. I’m sure you are wondering why I want you to use a blog. I explained it already, but think about it like this. If you are an electrician and you need three feet of wire to connect a circuit to a breaker, which would be easier: A) Cutting the wire, measuring the ohms and checking it before installing it, or B) Having the quality control person give you precut wires that have already been checked and are ready to go?

Of course the answer is B because this cuts down on work and allows for you to complete a number of jobs in the time it takes to perform step A. A blog is basically a self contained website that allows you the ease of writing, posting pictures and videos, without worrying about updates to the style of the page. You simply have to write the content and publish it. More importantly the widgets or gadgets used by the blog enable you to monetize and isn’t that what this is all about?

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