25 Key Points: Key Point 14 – Use A Blog To Launch Your Ideas

Key Point 14: Use a Blog To Launch Your Ideas –

This is more of a technical discussion than a motivational/informational section. The web is an incredible place. Technology and the internet have decreased the size of the world. Speaking with people in Chinaand Indiais as easy as turning on and clicking an icon. Sending money to another country is as easy as using Paypal or a wire transfer. The internet has made it easy to build a company, but this has also led to a cluttered market. The idea of reaching your audience is still a problem as well. What I have discovered after 6 years of operating www.cbpublish.com & www.centercourtbasketball.com (No longer active) is that operating a website is hard work.

The time it takes to update a website can eat away at your time quicker than you realize. This is why:

  1. Most people don’t really know how to operate their own website. While this has changed because of ‘Do It Yourself’ Templates used by web hosting services, the outcome of DIY websites is often generic and without style.
  2. What most people can do is buy Dreamweaver or other WYSIWYG programs, but those have a learning curve and updating your site becomes a tedious process that requires the webmaster to make sure changes are being made to all individual pages.  When it’s time to move the site or rename a site, the move becomes a torturous process.

The basic point here is that operating a website is a tedious process that often ends in a number of companies having an intro page up and that is all. In the past year of operating www.centercourtbasketball.com and www.cbpublish.com, I learned something that I have found makes life easier for me and my clients.

When I first started operating my website I used a combination of Microsoft Publisher, Notepad and html. When I made a change on one page, I would have to update each page. If I had an ad for my shoe company I had to change the ad on each individual page and upload each page through the FTP. This process inevitably leads to a lot of pages not being updated and the format of the pages being inconsistent. While you may not think that this matters, a customer builds trust in a site that is clear, simple and easy to navigate. What I decided in 2010 was to change what I was doing. I wanted to diminish the amount of work and the time it took to update sites. I also wanted my clients to be self sufficient. I began looking at other websites and researching. I studied the sites that I visited the most and I slowly began to realize that the majority of the sites were not Dreamweaver or WYSIWYG at all, they were blogs. I began looking at the various platforms and settled on Blogger for one of the blogs and WordPress for the other. This change in philosophy has given me the simplicity I have wanted and it has allowed me to monetize my sites faster and more effectively.

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