25 Key Points: Key Point 12 – Find Out About Resources

Key Point 12: Find Out About Resources – In Memphis there are several places that can be visited and free information is available. The only thing a person has to do is give their time to researching their city’s opportunities.

One of the best free resources for Memphians is the Renaissance Center at 555 Beale Street. While this is a place for Memphians, every city should have a place like the Renaissance Center. Inside of the RC are computers, a business library and a host of business mentors who include bankers and potential investors. I have utilized their services myself and the few times that I’ve visited, I’ve never had to wait to speak to anyone. In other words, these facilities are not taxed, or overburdened. As a matter of fact most of these places are waiting for people to come in. People in a position to help want to help, but only if you are serious about the goal that you are looking to have addressed.

Memphis also has the Tennessee Small Business Department on the campus of Southwest TN.College. I could list other resources, but the point of this section is to discuss the importance of finding resources. Finding resources also means that you should utilize the library, mentors, local networking sessions (that don’t ask you to pay a fee to participate or ask for dues). You can find a group to talk with almost anywhere if you are sociable. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with people because you think your idea is earth shifting, ground breaking, world changing, (often it’s not, but I understand), then take the time to browse the internet for videos and articles.

Whatever your method, look for resources and don’t be afraid to discuss ideas. If someone steals your idea then that means that you actually have the ability to generate great opportunities, and you can do it again. At this point you can start thinking about non-disclosure agreements, but whatever you do, find resources and use them.

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