1 Hour to Wealth Series Book 3: F–k Speeches & Inspiration

Book 3 may be the most aggressive writing I’ve done in regard to business. F–k Speeches & Inspiration: Where Do I Get The Money To Start? Is probably not the last book in this series, but I have a feeling it is going to be the most important book.

I wouldn’t typically discuss a project I’m still working on, but I’m excited about how it’s coming together. The 3rd book in the 1 Hour to Wealth Series has a working title, book cover, chapter breakdown and I’m already 5 chapters in! This book feels more organic and fluid. The reason is I’m still going through this experience. As I’ve been working on the YouTube series, What I’m Doing Right Now (click to subscribe), I’ve been hit with ideas and even turned my last round of ideas into a 5 post series here on the site. What I realized is that no one is digging deep enough into their explanation of how to start a business. The one thing that I have a problem with still is capital. While I always find a way to fund, most people don’t even have the money to get started; so they think.

I won’t get into too much detail. I just wanted to share with you my next book and tell you that if you haven’t read 1 Hour to Wealth and The 30 Day Project, you should definitely pick the books up now because I refer to both books at various points in this book so far. I’m sure as I complete F–k Speeches & Inspiration more references will appear. I will launch a pre-order once the editing process is finished. Stay tuned and stay motivated!!!

Below is the current chapter breakdown. I may be giving too much away, but you know what no one can write my story. You can take my titles or information, but at the end of the day my words are my words and I can speak my truth with conviction and detail, so I’m not worried about others. I hope others are willing to tell you the truth. It makes the playing field stronger and better for everyone.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:            Introduction                        .               .               7

Chapter 2:            The Family Bond               .               .               11 

Chapter 3:            The Friendship Pact          .               .               17

Chapter 4:            The Fake It Til You Make It Startup             25

Chapter 5:            The Screw It! I’ll Do It Myself Move             33

Chapter 6:           The Slow Money Is Better Than No Money Game     .               43

Chapter 7:           The Ain’t No Surefire Hustle, Except This Hustle      .               5 

Chapter 8:            It Ain’t Work If I Love It Biz           .               57 

Chapter 9:            The I’ll Take That Startup               .               65                                                                                           

Chapter 10:         The Get Your Ass Off Of Social Media Like That Chapter       69

Chapter 11:          All The Money In The World…     .               77

Chapter 12: Summaries and Breakdowns aka Clarity            81


ISBN-13: 978-1518679209

ISBN-10: 151867920X